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Recap of HILUG’s Fall and Winter 2014 LEGO® events.

The Hawaii LEGO Users Group‘s Fall and Winter were packed with events keeping us busy right up to the end of the year! We are looking forward to the New Year and all the opportunities that are ahead.


Our Fall included a huge event at the Hawaii State Capitol for Children and Youth Day. We had so much fun at this event watching people enter our vehicle building contest to help fill up our LEGO® built roads. There were so many entries we hardly had space at the end of the day!

IMG_7838_2 IMG_7839 IMG_7841_2



The following weekend we were invited to participate in the Oh Baby! Family Expo, where we were set up in the Toy and Game Expo section of the Blaisdell convention hall. For any free build a person made, they earned a raffle entry for prizes given out throughout the day! We had both Duplo® and LEGO® free build areas that were both very popular.

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This same month one of our members met up with members of NYCLUG as they exchanged their LUG showcase display at The LEGO® Store in Rockefeller Center!




We celebrated Halloween at the Honolulu Zoo’s Boo in the Zoo event.

IMG_7934_2 IMG_7935 IMG_7937 IMG_7938



Late in the year we had a blast at HokuKon’s preview event, a kick off to the full convention slated for Summer 2015 that will take place at the Hawaii Convention Center.  We are very much looking forward to this event.

IMG_8172 IMG_8159 IMG_8171 IMG_8179 IMG_8185_2 IMG_8191_2


Finally, our last event of the year was at the Navy Exchange (NEX) at Pearl Harbor for their Holiday sales event. As always we had such a blast with everyone that attended and saw some great free builds at our table. The Navy Exchange hosted a build contest and invited one of our members to help judge. We can’t wait to help out again at another event soon!

IMG_8240_2 IMG_8246 IMG_8250 IMG_8255_2 IMG_8270_2 IMG_8269_2 IMG_8280 IMG_8281_2 IMG_8283_2

HILUG’s end of Summer LEGO® events 2014

We’ve been so busy this year that the last post we were able to make was in September! The Hawaii LEGO Users Group ended the summer with a lot of fun events! We never get tired of seeing old friends and meeting new people at our shows.


Here we are at The Pacific Aviation Museum’s Biggest Little Airshow. The crowds here were great and very enthusiastic. We loved seeing all the aviation related free builds for our contest. Perhaps the model airplanes racing by the hangar helped fuel the mood. Congrats again to all the happy winners!

IMG_7519 IMG_7536 IMG_7550 IMG_7575 IMG_7578 IMG_7586 IMG_7599



We were invited to participate in the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii’s Day for Kids Carnival and we were happy to join and bring the joy of LEGO to the kids on the last few days of summer with a display and free build area.

IMG_7682 IMG_7683 IMG_7684 IMG_7685 IMG_768720140913_114014-2




That same weekend, other members of the Hawaii LEGO Users Group were on the Big Island of Hawaii for HawaiiCon. Here we were given the honor to attend Walter Koenig’s birthday party. There, we presented Mr. Koenig with a LEGO® built USS Enterprise built by our member Charles.

IMG_7679 IMG_7680 IMG_7677

Meeting at Kaka’ako Agora

The Hawaii LEGO Users Group will be holding our monthly meeting this Saturday, August 30th at Kaka’ako Agora from 1 – 3 pm. The meeting will be held in a semi-public fashion this month. So, if you are interested in joining us or just seeing what the club is all about, come down and see us. In addition to discussing club news and events we will plan on having a small showing of our group’s creations as well as have LEGO for adults and keiki to play with. Hope to see you there!

Hawaii LUG’s Summer Events

A collection of photographs from The Hawaii LEGO Users Group’s highly successful attendance at the weekly Honolulu Zoo’s “Wildest Show in Town” concert series as well as at the Navy Exchange “Back to School” event this summer. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon at our upcoming events and again at these events next year!

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