LEGO at Hawaii’s Bishop Museum Free Day 12/15/2013

The Hawaii LEGO User’s Group had a great time at the Bishop Museum for their Free Day showing of a few of the club creations. Despite the rain we had many people enter our Holiday Ornament building contest ranging from ages 2 to 96! Everyone who participated had a great time and we saw a lot of creativity. The enthusiasm was contagious. A big mahalo to the Bishop Museum for providing Museum Memberships, Passes and LEGO® gifts for the winners that will be selected at our next meeting. Here are some photos of our display and some of the smiling faces that turned in their creations for the contest:

P1050137 P1050135 P1050125 P1050105 P1050094 P1050089 P1050068 P1050065 P1050063 P1050061 P1050058 P1050052 P1050049 P1050048 P1050046 P1050043 P1050033



Below are pictures of the entries:


P1050109P1050034 P1050140P1050036P1050134P1050038 P1050041 P1050044 P1050045 P1050047 P1050050 P1050055 P1050056 P1050059 P1050060 P1050062 P1050066 P1050170P1050069 P1050070 P1050071 P1050076P1050081 P1050084 P1050085 P1050088 P1050090 P1050093 P1050096 P1050097 P1050098 P1050099 P1050100 P1050101 P1050103 P1050104 P1050106 P1050108 P1050112 P1050113 P1050114 P1050115 P1050116 P1050117 P1050118 P1050121 P1050122 P1050123 P1050124 P1050126 P1050129 P1050130 P1050136 P1050139 P1050143 P1050145 P1050146 P1050147 P1050150 P1050151 P1050154 P1050155 P1050157 P1050159 P1050163 P1050164 P1050166 P1050167 P1050168  P1050173



We will be announcing the winner mid January!  Until then, remember that the LEGO® Travel adventure show with local HILUG creations featured on display will be open through January 5th, 2014!



P1050184 P1050183 P1050179 P1050178 P1050175

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