Hawaii LUG’s Summer Events

A collection of photographs from The Hawaii LEGO Users Group’s highly successful attendance at the weekly Honolulu Zoo’s “Wildest Show in Town” concert series as well as at the Navy Exchange “Back to School” event this summer. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon at our upcoming events and again at these events next year!

IMG_6909 IMG_6824 IMG_6818 IMG_6831 IMG_6815 IMG_6814 IMG_6834 IMG_6837 IMG_6944 IMG_7132 IMG_6951 IMG_6949 IMG_7222 IMG_6945 IMG_7036 IMG_7033 IMG_7256 IMG_6995 IMG_7128 IMG_7038 IMG_7015 IMG_7248 IMG_6965 IMG_7023 IMG_6961 IMG_6941 IMG_7223 IMG_7241 IMG_7008 IMG_7344 IMG_7245 IMG_6959 IMG_7017 IMG_7347 IMG_7382 IMG_7252 IMG_7394 IMG_7376 IMG_7383 IMG_7377 IMG_7400 IMG_7402 IMG_7396 IMG_7385IMG_7502 IMG_7497 IMG_7504 IMG_7433 IMG_7505 IMG_7435 IMG_7488 IMG_7501 IMG_7427 IMG_7494 IMG_7429 IMG_7355

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