Hawaii LUG at The Honolulu Zoo all Summer!

Hawaii LEGO® Users Group has partnered with the Honolulu Zoo this summer to bring LEGO® to all the concert attendees this season. We are featuring animal themed LEGO® MOCs each week on Wednesday evenings during The Wildest Show In Town concerts. Come see us and have some family fun picnic style and enjoy the music! […]



LEGO® Hawaii Theatre on Display at the Hawaii Theatre.

For the month of June Hawaii LEGO Users Group has Roy’s Hawaii Theatre on display in the lobby of the actual historic building that inspired his MOC. Go see it while it’s on display! Read more about the Theatre here http://www.hawaiitheatre.com.

Egg detail

LEGO® Easter Egg Building Instructions

      We have had many compliments on our Easter themed MOC in the club showcase display at Hawaii’s Ala Moana LEGO Store, and specifically questions on how we made the eggs. For those that are interested in making your own Easter Eggs, here’s how it was done. Essentially, you will be following instructions on […]

Institute for Astronomy Open House – Hawaii LEGO® Users Group Club Display

It was a beautiful day in Manoa, Hawaii on April 6, 2014. A perfect day for the University of Hawaii‘s Institute for Astronomy Open House. Hawaii LEGO® Users Group was invited to display some of our club creations at the event and it was so much fun to participate! Our theme this year was “extraterrestrial life,” […]


Easter scene

Hawaii’s Ala Moana LEGO® Store Showcase Club Display for April

This month’s Hawaii LEGO® User’s Group’s April LUG club showcase display, at the Ala Moana Center‘s LEGO® Store, celebrates Spring with an Easter Bunny and basket of eggs, or two. Reem, Aiya and Christine, an all female team contributed this month. Aiya, in fourth grade, is one of our junior members and was very excited […]

LEGO® Group Quarterly Survey

Aloha! Hawaii LEGO Users Group asks that you please take the time to take the LEGO® Group Quarterly survey to express your opinions on how they can best support and improve the LEGO® fan community!

English: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langeng/?collector=13078

Spanish: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langes/?collector=13080

French: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langfra/?collector=13086

Portuguese: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langpt/?collector=13084

Chinese HK: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langsq/?collector=13089

Chinese Traditional: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langzh-tw/?collector=13088

Chinese Simplified: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langzh/?collector=13087

Russian: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langru/?collector=13085

Polish: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langpl/?collector=13083

Korean: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langko/?collector=13082

Italian: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langit/?collector=13081

German: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langde/?collector=13079

Hungarian: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langhu/?collector=13269

Dutch: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/s/AFOL_2014_Q1/langnl/?collector=13290

Hawaii LUG’s LEGO® Ornament Contest Winners!

HILUG members have selected the winners for the build your own LEGO Holiday Ornament Contest that was held at Hawaii‘s Bishop Museum last month. Congratulations to the winners! Category 1: Age 5 and under (we had so many entries we added this category) FIRST PLACE: Jace, age 2 “Lightning McQueen Car” SECOND PLACE: Alexandria, age […]



LEGO at Hawaii’s Bishop Museum Free Day 12/15/2013

The Hawaii LEGO User’s Group had a great time at the Bishop Museum for their Free Day showing of a few of the club creations. Despite the rain we had many people enter our Holiday Ornament building contest ranging from ages 2 to 96! Everyone who participated had a great time and we saw a […]