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LEGO® Lemur Mosaic

For the Honolulu Zoo’s Wildest Show in Town events this summer, Christine created a large lemur MOC mosaic to highlight the Zoo’s current fundraiser aimed at helping their ring-tailed lemurs. The mosaic was created out of over 10,000 LEGO® bricks. Detail of the tail shows use of old white bricks to create a more natural fade in parts of the fur. Pending the scheduling of the Zoo’s annual Gala event, we hope to have it auctioned off and have the profits donated to the Zoo to help benefit the Society. Special thanks to Lennette Newell for permission to use her photographic image as inspiration for this mosaic.






LEGO® Easter Egg Building Instructions




Egg detail

We have had many compliments on our Easter themed MOC in the club showcase display at Hawaii’s Ala Moana LEGO Store, and specifically questions on how we made the eggs. For those that are interested in making your own Easter Eggs, here’s how it was done. Essentially, you will be following instructions on how to build a Lowell Sphere or Bram’s Sphere, but elongate the sphere along the body of the egg to make an ovoid shape. To do this, use the instructions below but add longer plates in one direction on the 4 side panels.

There are programs online that will generate an image for you to give you an idea of how to put it together, and you can use any combination of plates you have that will make this pattern as long as it won’t fall apart. So, make sure it’s supported. Then, just use your imagination for what colors you want. The easiest ones were the monochromatic eggs. After assembly just use any small decorative pieces in different colors on the studs of your egg after assembling to make them more festive. The other ones are a little more challenging, as you have to be careful and precise with incorporating different colors into the pattern while making the panels if you want to give it a symmetric painted effect. Take careful note in step 7 below on how the panels are arranged and you’ll know where to place the different colors. You can choose to make different layers different colors which is easier. Or you can choose to make stripes or other patterns, which takes even more careful planning. Once it’s assembled you can add more decoration and your eggs are done. Happy building!



Institute for Astronomy Open House – Hawaii LEGO® Users Group Club Display

It was a beautiful day in Manoa, Hawaii on April 6, 2014. A perfect day for the University of Hawaii‘s Institute for Astronomy Open House. Hawaii LEGO® Users Group was invited to display some of our club creations at the event and it was so much fun to participate! Our theme this year was “extraterrestrial life,” picked by Shannon. The event opened at 11 am and there were streams of people nonstop for the entire day! We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. The crowds were wracking their brains for our contest to name our LEGO® brick made F.U.N. Alien, which was built by Christine. We had 338 entries to give this fun guy an official name with the initials F.U.N! Thank you so much for everyone that entered. It was hard to narrow it down to one winner, so we went with the top three. The prize winning names were:

1. Fierce Underworld Nightstalker – for best overall fit, by Kailer
2. Furious Ulua Nibbler – for best descriptive name, by Dakota
3. Fleeer Union Notice-robot – for creativity, by Anabel

We had MOCs contributed and worked on by Roy, Christine, Reem, Aiya, Keith, John, Jackson, Mark, Holly, Shannon, Alex, Alastair, Henry, James, Shawna, Inda and Conrad! We are all looking forward to the next IfA show and the upcoming events this year! We were so busy, but I managed to snap a few photos.






A few of our MOCs:



IMG_6237 “Star Tortoise – Bringer of Chaos” By Keith

IMG_6232 “HappyBot” By Aiya

IMG_6227 “Reematron” By Reem

IMG_6231 “F.U.N.” by Christine


IMG_6228 “Green Slime Under Ice” by Mark

IMG_6225 Various Mechs by Conrad

IMG_6221  “Zxeoformia Dontevenaskakinid, common name Wetland Xzenoid” by Jackson

IMG_6218 “Keck Telescope mirror” By Roy, with help from all!

And many more that I didn’t manage to capture! Hope you were there to see them in person. If not, we’ll see you soon at the next event, so stay tuned.



Hawaii’s Ala Moana LEGO® Store Showcase Club Display for April

This month’s Hawaii LEGO® User’s Group’s April LUG club showcase display, at the Ala Moana Center‘s LEGO® Store, celebrates Spring with an Easter Bunny and basket of eggs, or two. Reem, Aiya and Christine, an all female team contributed this month. Aiya, in fourth grade, is one of our junior members and was very excited to participate. She said that this is one of the best things she has built so far. We hope you come see it in person.

photo 3


Egg detail